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Warning, contains TG.

"I can't believe him! He's so stupid! Thinking I can't do anything on my own!" the girl ranted. She walked around the room furiously. "I'll show him! I'll show that I don't need him for anything!"

She went toward a window and sat next to it leaning her head against it. Suddenly, she heard shouts and looked outside to see the source of the yelling. "What's this?" she asked herself. She saw a group of boys walking toward the building which she resided in. "Hmm. This could be fun…" she told herself.

"Do I… do I really have to go into that abandoned mansion!?" Corey asked. "Of course ya gotta go in. You lost the bet, you have to pay up!" Keith replied. "I didn't even agree with that bet!" Corey yelled in anger. "Doesn't matter, if you don't do it then we get to tell who gave us all the answers for the last tests!" Jordan said.

"You forced me to do that out of blackmail!" Corey responded. "And now we do more of the same! You see how the pattern works? Besides, this is a childish type of prank. You should have outgrown any fears of ghosts years ago you coward." Nathaniel stated. Johnny merely stood there in silence.

"I hate you guys… so much." Corey muttered to himself. They continued onward until they got to the stairs leading up to the door. Everyone stood at the bottom of the stairs with smiles and grins as they watched Corey walk up to the door. He slowly went up to the door and tried to push the door open. It wouldn't budge. Corey gave a sigh of relief and said to them, "Well, that's too bad! It's not moving. Guess we can a-" before being interrupted by the door slowly creaking open by itself.

"Ooh, pretty scary guys, right?" Nathaniel said sarcastically. The Keith and Jordan joined in with him in laughter. Johnny looked away from the others. Corey shook his head and continued onward into the house. The room he was in had a large case of stairs and a group of large doors to his left and his right. Above him hanged a large unlit chandelier, around the walls were paintings that seemed to once be ornate and beautiful, but now old, scratched, and covered in dust. Light peered in through windows that were high above the door.

As he gazed around the room, he heard a loud slamming noise. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see that the doors were closed. "Haha very funny guys." he said. He walked over to the doors and tried to push them open, but to no avail, they once again were stuck. "They're probably holding the doors shut… there's no way I'm staying here for five hours, I'm finding another exit." He thought to himself.

Corey went to the door to his left and opened it, to see nothing but pitch black dark inside. He closed the door and went back into the middle of the room. "Eck. Well, I could just find something of value that they want, then just wait here for the rest of the time." He told himself.

He decided to climb up the stairs in hopes that there were windows up there that could at least provide him some light. When he reached on top, he saw a variety of doors that he could enter.

Suddenly, he started to hear music from a piano. He jumped back in surprise. "… Is someone else here? Hello?" he shouted. No response.

He stood still breathing heavily until he recuperated. He walked toward the right of the floor and heard the piano more clearly. As he got closer and closer to the door, his heart beat faster and faster. He was in front of the door where the nose came from. He slowly gripped the door knob and slowly began turning it. He opened the door a slight bit to see what was inside. He noticed a grand piano. He opened it slowly to see the one playing it, if anyone was playing it.

To his horror, he realized that the back of the piano was facing him. He moved the door far enough to give him room to sneak inside. The song reached its finale. Before he could finally see the seat, the song stopped, leaving the room in silence. When he finished walking over to the side of the piano, he saw no one there.

He walked slowly up to the piano seat and saw no sign of life anywhere. He closed his eyes and pushed down one of the keys of the piano. A C note played, and silence once again filled the room aside from his breathing. He sat down on the seat with his hand massaging his forehead. After a minute or so, he looked up toward the wall to see a picture on the wall.

This picture was unlike the other paintings in the mansion. The window to the right of the piano gave just enough light to reveal the picture clearly. He stood up and went to the picture. There he saw a young boy not much older than he was. He had short blonde hair, a clean hairless face, brown eyes, and no expression. He was wearing a blue coat and pants.

To the right of him was a little girl only half as tall as the boy. She had long flowing blonde hair and wore a red hat on top of it. She had blue eyes and a happy smile. She wore a blue dress with a skirt. "Huh… I guess they're siblings." He thought to himself. "Well… I guess this could count as an 'object of value.'"

"I looked really cute in this picture." Corey heard. He stared at the picture dumbfounded. He looked to his left and saw no one there. Then he looked to his right and saw a hat. He looked downward to see a hat at the bottom of his sight. He looked down to see the hat was on top of a familiar figure, none other than the little girl from the picture. She was looking at the picture, but then turned her head toward Corey. "Wouldn't you agree?" she asked.

"Wh- wha? Who are you!?" he asked while backing up. He fell to a sitting position against a corner. "My name's Alice, Alice Tzeniku!" she exclaimed. "Now, who are you?" Corey looked to his right, and saw the door. He then looked back toward Alice. "I- uh… I'm guessing this is your mansion then?" he asked. Alice nodded.

"Well then… heh, I'm uh… I'm sorry to have intruded! I will be going now!" he said before jumping up to his feet and dashing toward the door. However, he felt an unknown force push him causing him to lose his balance and trip, as if a large gust of wind threw him toward the ground.

He got back onto his knees and turned around to see Alice slowly walk toward him. "Leaving so soon?" she asked. "Ple- Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry! I'll leave, I won't come back, please just don't hurt me!" Corey pleaded. "Don't worry, I don't plan on hurting you… but I don't plan on you leaving either." She said.

He couldn't get up from his position. He struggled, but his limbs were frozen from fear. He closed his eyes as she was getting closer to him. Suddenly, he heard a much more mature voice tell him, "There's nothing to be afraid of." He opened his eyes to see, instead of a little girl, an older girl, around his own age. She had long purple hair, blue eyes, a white bonnet on her hair, and a maid outfit. Corey could not help but stare at her C-cup sized chest.

She smiled back at Corey. He was surprised and astonished, yet still frightened. Once again, he closed his eyes out of fear. She got onto her knees in front of him, grabbed him by the shoulders, and then joined her lips with his. He lost all feelings of fear, but instead held feelings of pleasure. As she released him, he opened his eyes, but once again saw the blonde little girl from before.

Alice smiled back at him. "Now that I have you, I won't be alone, and I'll have someone to help me with cleaning up this place!" she said before hugging him. He once again became frightened. "Wh- What do you mean?" he asked. He recognized the voice he heard from a few seconds ago, but it was not his own. Alice released her embrace, waited for him to stand up, and then grabbed him by the hand. He realized the hand she grabbed was a lot smoother and better groomed.

She brought him toward a mirror and then snapped her fingers causing the room to be lighted up. Before him he saw the young lady from before in the same clothing. She looked down to see her clothing and placed her hands on her chest to confirm what she saw. She became the very girl who kissed her.  

"Wha… what happened!?" she asked Alice. Alice began walking back and forth looking away from Corey. "You are now a part of the Tzeniku family! Not through blood of course, but as a loyal servant!" Alice replied excitedly, "Now you get to live with me forever and ever!"

Corey fell to her knees. Alice continued, "Now, all we have to do for now is clean this place up! And if we leave, wherever I go you get to come with me!" Corey shook her head.

"Now… for your name. I think I'm going to call you Caitlin." She announced. Caitlin started to grow tears in her eyes. She opened them and saw her reflection and each time shook her head in disbelief, rejecting the image each time she saw it.

Alice stopped moving around and realized Caitlin was crying. "Are you okay?" she asked. "It's… it's just…" Caitlin slowly uttered. Before she could finish, a loud booming voice was heard from downstairs. "Hey! Corey, where are you ya big chicken!?"

Alice looked out the door to see the other four boys standing at the bottom floor, then looked back at Caitlin. She grew a smile in her face. "Caitlin, I want you to greet our guests."

Caitlin turned her head toward Alice. "Huh?" she asked. "Now we can't have you crying. Here, use this." Alice handed Caitlin a handkerchief. Caitlin used it and dried her tears off. Realizing she had no choice, she stood up from her position, opened the door and went into the main room.

There she saw Nathaniel, Jordan, Keith, and Johnny wandering about the bottom floor. She slowly walked over to the stairs. "Hey… who is that!?" Keith shouted in surprise, pointing to Caitlin.

Caitlin continued down the stairs until she reached the bottom. "Now what is a babe like you doing here?" Jordan asked. "Yeah, no girl should be hanging around in a dusty old place like this." Keith remarked.

"Stop it guys, obviously we're intruding in someone else's property!" Johnny shouted. "Huh. Well, if you're the maid of this place, you're doing a horrible job at it. You should quit while you're ahead... IF you were ahead!" Nathaniel stated.

Caitlin grew an angry expression on her face. All the sudden, she heard Alice say, "That's it!" She looked around confused. "Not only do they make a poor maiden cry, but they insult her and her master's mansion!? Caitlin, I want you to teach them a lesson!"

The three boys pointed out and laughed at how confused she became. She was the only one to of heard the voice. Suddenly, her hands began to glow. "You guys… are the reason… for all the torment I've went through my entire life!" She said.

All of the boys looked at her befuddled. "The reason I never got into the high school of my dreams, the reason why all of my teachers hate me, the reason why Emily wouldn't date me…" she continued. She started walking toward Keith, Jordan, and Nathaniel as they backed up away from her.

"And the reason why I've become… this!" she exclaimed. "Co- Corey?" Johnny, who was a distance away from her, gasped. She turned her head toward him and nodded. "Bu- but… how!?" he asked.

Before he could answer, Caitlin grabbed Nathaniel by the shoulders. Jordan and Keith jumped away and ran away through the door to their right. Johnny stood there in fear and watched as Nathaniel quickly was enveloped by the light from her hands and transformed. Nathaniel's hair grew but formed into a ponytail, his nose shrunk, his eyes and mouth shaped up to a much more feminine state, his chest expanded outward until it became a smaller size than average for girls in his new height which was a few inches smaller, and all of his body hair from anywhere but the top of his head faded away. His stomach shrunk and his hips grew out along with him losing a primary male feature with it replaced with a feature only to that of a female, and her skin became much smoother.

Her clothes changed as well. A cook's toque appeared on top of her head, her shoes turned into boots, her shirt became a white button knotted jacket, and her shorts became white pants. The transformation became complete, she became a fully-fledged girl in a cook's outfit. She was completely absent minded from everything that had happened. "Wh- What happened? Where am I?"

Alice descended down the stairs to Nathaniel. "You came today to make food for the celebration. Can you make me a cake please?" she asked. The young girl crouched down and patted Alice on her head. "Sure thing! I'll make it extra special just for you! My dad should be coming any minute now, he's a gourmet chef." Alice smiled and grabbed Caitlin by the hand. "Thank you! Now Caitlin and I have to find our other friends, see you soon!"

The young girl waved to the two of them as Alice led Caitlin toward where Keith and Jordan ran off, then she walked through the other doorway next to Johnny. Johnny immediately ran toward the door to outside and attempted to open it. He became so desperate in his attempts to get outside, he began ramming himself into the door, but to no avail, it was stuck. "I have to find another way out of here before she comes back!" he thought to himself. He ran up the stairs to try to create a distance away from Alice and himself.

Keith and Jordan ran into a dead end. All the doors they reached to were locked. They continued to try and open them in hopes of escaping. "Come on ya stupid door! MOVE!" Jordan yelled as he started to kick the door. Keith put his hand against his head and slided against the wall into a sitting position. "It's hopeless man! We're gonna die! We're gonna freakin' die!"

He looked to his left and saw Caitlin, filled with rage, coming toward him. "No no no not yet! Not me not m- AGH!" he shouted. Jordan turned around and leaned his back against the door he tried to open. "Please! Don't kill me! I'm sorry alright! I... I'll burn all the evidence of your secrets, I didn't… mean to…" he pleaded as he watched Caitlin grab onto Keith. He was baffled when he saw instead of Keith, a young woman with short black hair in a brown coat with a skirt.

She looked at the group confused. "I'm sorry to be an inconvenience, but where can I find the young lady named Alice? I am to play the piano for her today for her celebration." She asked. Caitlin pointed toward where the main room was. The woman nodded and replied, "Thank you."

After she left, Caitlin turned her attention back to Jordan. "No, no! Ge- Get away from me! Keep your filthy hands away from m- GAAH!" he shouted.

After finishing the business with the pianist, Alice walked in to the room to see Caitlin and a little girl younger than herself who looked like she was about to burst into tears. "Where's Mommy and Daddy?" she asked. Alice patted her on the back. "Don't worry, they'll be here in just a few minutes! Wait for them over at the playroom, okay?"

The little girl looked up to Alice, smiled, and nodded, then ran off. Alice looked up toward Caitlin. "Only one more!" she excitedly exclaimed. Caitlin nodded and walked toward the stairs.

"Okay… if I just… jump out through this window, then I might be able to live." He told himself. He stood next to a third story window that he managed to open up. "If I just jump out and grab onto that tree then… What am I thinking!? That's gonna kill me!"

The door behind him slammed open. Caitlin glared at Johnny. Johnny gave a frightened glance back. "But it's the only chance I got! I'm taking it!" he told himself. He jumped toward the opening in the window, but Caitlin pointed her hand toward the window causing it to glow and quickly shut down.

He smacked himself against the window and ricocheted back onto the ground. "What is that thing made of, bullet proof glass!?" he asked. While rubbing his hand against his head, he focused his attention back to Caitlin who was walking to him.

"No, Corey! Don't do this! Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement!" he shouted. Caitlin stopped in place and kept her icy glare toward him. "You're not the one who's trapped in this form with this mind!" she shouted. "I know! But I'm not the reason you are like this either!" he exclaimed.

Caitlin smacked her foot against the floor. "Really!? You're the reason why I went in this building in the first place!" she replied. "No! I didn't agree with any of this, but you know them, if I were to do anything against what they say, they'd make the entire school screw me over!" he shouted. "I never used the questions on the test, I don't know anything about your apparent secrets they use to blackmail, and Emily..."

"Lies! All lies!" she interrupted after hearing about Emily. "Wait, just listen. Emily… I… I was the reason why she wouldn't date you." Caitlin, after hearing this, started moving toward Johnny again. "But listen! It's because she would have been used by the other three!"

"And just how would they go about doing that!?" Caitlin asked. "You see, they wanted to make Emily date you just so that if you didn't do something they wanted, she could convince you to do it instead by threatening to break up with you or some other sick means. She would be a pawn in their sick game. Just like us. I convinced her out of it."

Caitlin stopped in place again. Her fists started to shake, she looked down toward the ground, and her eyes began to tear up. "So… her feelings were genuine… she never really loved me after all." She said.

"No, I'm sure if it weren't for them using her, she might have accepted you. But I convinced her to not support them in any possible way. They would find a way in using her if she did. People like them don't deserve the power they had, I had to stop them. The only way I could possibly take down their control over everyone is if I could convince everyone to work against them. I'm… I'm sorry she had to be the first person I went to." Johnny said. Caitlin stood silent for a minute, then finally told Johnny, "Go."

"Go? You mean…?" Johnny asked. "Yes, hurry up and leave before I change my mind. I've… I've had enough. Besides, the other three are out of the way now." Caitlin responded. "I promise you… I'll be back. I won't leave you behind in this mess! We will be back in school together, free from those three!" he exclaimed. Caitlin nodded her head, and then opened the door of the room. He immediately ran through the doorway and dashed down the stairs. He ran through a variety of hallways until he finally reached the second set of stairs to the bottom floor.

He sighed and slowly descended down the stairs. Once he reached the bottom, he walked toward the door and gripped onto it. He tried with all of his strength to open the doors. To his dismay, they were still locked. He sighed and decided to try to look around the other rooms of the bottom floor for an exit. He turned around to the next door, but caught sight of something particular, an unfamiliar picture that stood out from the rest.

This one contained the same little girl he saw with Nathaniel and Corey earlier. To her left stood Corey, or as he heard the little girl refer to her as, Caitlin, standing by her side. To the little girl's right however stood a girl he hasn't seen before. She wore the same attire that Caitlin wore, except with glasses. She had pink hair and braids, glasses, and green eyes. "This is creepy…" he thought to himself.

His thoughts were interrupted however when he heard the sound of a door bursting open. He turned around with a happy expression, which quickly became a horrified expression. The very same pink haired girl from the picture walked inside from the doors. "Now, just because my Caitlin forgave you," she said while slowly walking up to him, "doesn't mean that I'm done with you!"

"Wh- Who are you!?" Johnny asked terrified. "Right now, I guess you could say," she told him as she walked up to him and placed both her hands on his shoulders, "You!"

After a long period of thinking and reflection, Caitlin walked back to the main room. She wondered if Johnny would keep his promise, if he would help her out of this situation. She also wondered where Alice could possibly be. She continued on to the main room and received her answer.

She saw Alice standing in the middle of the room. Another girl stood next to her with a startled expression. Caitlin quickly ran down the stairs and shouted, "Johnny!?" The girl merely looked away from her embarrassed. Alice walked up a few of the stairs to stand at eye level with the other two. "That matter finally has settled! I told my brother I could live on my own, and this party is here to celebrate that fact! Come on Caitlin and Jade, the other guests will arrive at any second! We must get ready!"

"Did… did you see all of that!?" Al asked his friend. Monique nodded her head. "You have to be blind to not have seen that all. So he was right, his sister's abilities go far beyond what we could have possibly imagined." She said. "Keep a track on the other three. I'm sure Michael knows a way to counteract the magic somehow." Al ordered.

"And the two housekeepers?" Monique asked. "They're not going anywhere any time soon. That's good in that it won't prove difficult to find them. Bad because Alice will always be near them. As long as they don't find the cameras, we should be able to keep track these three all at once."

Monique leaned against the wall looking up at the computers. "Are you sure they won't find this truck?" she asked. "It should, it's pretty well concealed and a good enough distance away from the mansion." He told her. "So, other then tracking them, what do we do now?" she asked. Al sighed and looked over at an inactive computer. "Until further orders, now what we do… now all that we can do is wait."
This one I decided to write at a random time. It was a pretty simple concept in my eyes, though I feared it may have been too much like my "That Girl from Japan" story. Hopefully not.

I hoped you enjoyed the story!
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why would you be upset if the story was like that japan one? theyre both great
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Thank you!
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It was good, but the end was a bit confusing the first read through.
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I added the ending after I finished the story, so I felt like the sudden shift might have been awkward.
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